My drive is to serve and empower the people of Kitui –  Governor Malombe

Kitui County Governor Julius Malombe

The Kitui County boss has reiterated that unlike his opponents who harbor huge self-interest in the top seat he is only interested in delivering development to the people of Kitui and empowering them to do better.

Malombe said electing old politicians who look worn out already will be detriment to his development pace he had set previously. He said his two opponents who have been on campaign trail are more interested in cinching to power to satisfy their own self-centered interests and the electorates will come second.

Malombe said that is priority is to serve the people of Kitui deliver on development and offer economic empowerment to the people.

‘I want to serve my people and ensure they become economically stable as opposed to my opponents who have no agenda for Kitui but on egocentric and selfish intentions to run for the county’s top seat.’ Malombe said at Mutendea Market during a tour of projects undertaken by the county in Kitui Central Ward.

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