Shocking: A man hangs himself and his two-year old in Kyuso

The man hang himself next to his baby after frustrations with his wife.

Grief and shock engulfed a village in Kyuso, Itivanzou location on Friday after villagers found bodies of two; an adult man and his two-year old daughter dandling on a tree next to each on a river bank.

The middle aged man identified as Musee Nzoka is said to have hung his little baby minutes before he took his own life using the same rope below the baby’s body.

The bodies were found during the day as people went around their duties, according to the villagers the man had decided to hang himself after he was unable to mend fences with his estranged wife.

The neighbours say the two were involved in successive domestic disagreements before the wife decided to leave their home. The couple is said to have been at loggerheads, something that frustrated the man forcing him to take his life together with the only baby the couple had borne together.

There is also a word doing rounds in the area that there could be some evil spirits that have been send to terrorize the village as this is the second time in a span of a month that an adult man has hang himself on the noose. The previous incidence was of a Sub-Chief who took away his life after his wife left him.

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