Foreign Affairs Minister Amina refuses to be roasted dry by a Al-Jazeera Journalist.

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed during her interview with Mehdi Hasan

Foreign Affairs Minister Amina Muhammad was on the hot seat yesterday Friday Oct 7 at the Al Jazeera studios where she was to shade light on pertinent issues of concern in Kenya that include terrorism, extra-judicial killings and human right violation allegations.

The unrelenting journalist Mehdi Hasan who had easily grilled the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga months ago had a rough time with the bold Amina who dared him to justify his statements on the state of the Kenyan nation.

Amina said that none of the purported agents had sought audience with the Kenyan government yet they kept speculating issues of human rights injustices and rampant terrorism in Kenya.

Amina said she hadn’t seen the Human Rights Watch report and they had never sought her inputs nor talked to of any other cabinet minister in Kenya had thus the report were unsubstantiated.

The minister was involved in a crosstalk with the journalist proving hard to the journalist to pin her to the wall.

When he insisted Amina said she does not care whether the report on sexual harassment, extortion and human rights abuse is true or false since the detectives never talked to any of the government officials.

“If you have a dialogue with the deaf you will not find a solution.” Amina held that the reports must be verified, she replied precisely and strongly: “They’re making it up”.

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