‘Katinda Ngooni’ holds a free medical camp in Nzawa and distributes condom packs instead.

First Lady Edith holds a baby during an earlier medical camp. Photo/KyeniFoundation

By Observer @Davies Rains

The residents of Nzawa location were recently greatly disappointed after the First Lady through her Foundation hosted a medical camp and allegedly patients ended up getting paracetemal tablets and strips of condoms.

The “Katinda Ngooni” and her employees visited Nzawa location late last month for a free medical camp.

The function kicked off with speeches, where MCAs who also double up as contractors in the county government seized the opportunity to attack Wiper party and its Leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Led by their ‘chairman’ chief contractor Ngeana they said they would all troop to Muungano party soon and leave Wiper Democratic Party as a shell.

There were doctors on location who attended to those who were sick and gave prescriptions, but the shock that awaited them would meet them at the pharmacy desk as only paracetamol ware available! They were all told to go buy the drugs!

What the residents did not know was that, all those County government trucks in ‘Katinda Ngooni’s convoy were not full of drugs as they thought, but full of cartons of thousands of condoms and anyone who presented his or her prescription was given 10 tablets of paracetamol and two strips of six china made condoms!

That swings me to my honest question, what inspired the thought that packs of condoms can be handed to all those who were sick as opposed to their prescription or is it a way of disposing off all those condoms procured using public funds instead of the much needed drugs in our hospitals?

Better still why go all the way to Nzawa if you don’t have medicine to give those who are sick? Lastly is this organization a political party? If not, why are its events characterized by politics insults to elected leaders?

Well, that is just food for thought for all of us to ponder as voters.

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