Youth in Mwingi Central express confidence in Former LSK Chair Erick Mutua

Youth have confidence in Mutua.

By Stephen Muli

Mwingi Central youth have expressed confidence that the former LSK Chair Erick Mutua and now aspiring Member of Parliament will deliver justice to the youth.

The youth say among the aspirants who have expressed interest in the seat, only Mutua clearly has the interest of the youth in his heart as outlined in his agenda.

“One thing we do understand is that youth policy is central to any governance. A society without a standpoint for its own youth is a society without a clear view for its own future. In Mwingi Central we are looking for a leader who can incorporate the youth in leadership but youth have realized Erick Mutua can save them and quench their undying thirst.” A youth leader in Mwingi said.

Few weeks ago Erick Mutua spent time on the ground with youth and that seems to have yielded confidence.
The youth have sworn to secure voting cards as it is the only tool that will help them vote the leader they desperately need.

From the global perspective, the drive to have youth empowerment and engage youth constructively has grown into a crisis with youth unemployment becoming an enormous challenge both at County and National government levels.

As a result massive dialogue and research seeking to come up with effective solutions to curb these problems have been underway forcing the Jubilee Government to spend billions of money yet there is no solution to the problem.

Mwingi youth agree that it is disappointing to have a government which is unable to convert their vision and huge budgets into investing in the youth and a leader like Mutua would deliver that.

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