MPs Kisoi Munyao, Joe Mutambu heckled in Matuu.

The legislators during the church service at Matuu on Sunday Oct 9.

Residents of Matuu, Yatta Constituency heckled Hon. Munyao Kisoi, Joe Mutambu and the host MP Hon. Mwangangi during a church funds drive yesterday Oct 9 at Matuu Catholic church.

The bitter residents condemned the trio for taking divisive politics into the Church, the three MPs are said to have brought up politics in the service when they were given opportunity to speak. The three are self-declared defectors who have sided with the ruling party.

Church members have vowed to punish the area MP who according to them is betraying the community for dating their enemy the Jubilee Party.

The residents are unhappy that their MP together with a host of other Kamba legislators were too gullible to be cheaply bought by the Jubilee government. The residents believe that they are traitors who must be punished for drifting away from the party that brought them to power.

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