Ngilu will deliver Kitui to the Promised Land

Hon. Charity Ngilu speaking to residents last weekend.

By @Antoh_Muinde |KituiOnline

Kitui south legislator says Kitui residents have had hard time under the leadership of Governor Malombe. He said that the future of Kitui lies in the hands of a true leader who has expressed her ability to lead and perform.

The legislator said that the former Cabinet Minister Charity Ngilu will deliver the people of Kitui to the Promised Land.

She was speaking on Sunday Oct 9 during a Sunday service at Mutomo parish the leader said “Andu ma Kitui no motumia kiwu na sivitali ila syakiwe ni Charity Ngilu ta minista” – people of Kitui are still using Water points and hospitals built by former land CS Charity Ngilu.”

“If we give her the chance of a gubernatorial seat she will deliver 100 times better.” He added.

The leadership of H. E Dr. Julius Malombe has in the recent past received fierce opposition.

Many that are opposed to his leadership say that the governor has upside down priorities as he is not tackling the most basic needs of Kitui residents, issues of Water, Health and Food Security have been pushed to the back while less urgent matters like building markets and VIP toilets take centre stage.

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