Thank you governor Kitui Public Service Board is full of ‘Youths’!

Former governor for Kitui County, Dr Julius Malombe. [Photo/the-star]

By Rachael Munanie |KituiOnline

Indeed Kitui County government interpretation of youth engagement in leadership has properly been implemented.

While in other counties across the country youth have representation in the top management of the county, in Kitui over-aged gray haired men and women represent youth agendas in the cabinet.

Let’s for instance start with the Kitui Public Service Board itself, how many youth are there? Can we count together, Mwangu Ivuti the vice-chair? Rose Masya the chair?.

Out of 7 executive members, 4 are in their mid 60’s and 70’s. Two are in 50’s! Only one purported to be ‘youth’ is now hitting 40’s! Kweli Malombe ametunza mayouth?

Kitui public service board is one body that is will fail Malombe’s dream of defending his seat in 2017. Clearly their ages betray any possibility that they are likely to think of incorporating the youth in any progressive planning.

The other day this board conducted interviews then released a list of fake shortlisted candidates to fool Kitui residents that the process was free and fair.

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Again the same body invited applicants for administrators as well as health positions in the county but state of the same has never been communicated yet people were employed.

Where do we fall as youth in this government?.

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