Its a commodity which we admire and wish to alll have. Especially for running home appliances, and for businesses

However in a number of occasions, stima goes ahead to snatch the saying referring to fire, ‘a good servant but a bad master.

I have heard narrations on how electricity caused deaths in different occasions, but this time round, the dark cloud hanged on the Kitui EAST’s atmosphere.

A son of Kitui EAST, a very young and energetic blood, specifically from DAMSA, Endau Malalani ward, was on Thursday 6th of this month, electrified and lost his dear life on the spot, following a short circuting. RIP bro Joseph Mwanzau KITHOME

An eye witness told KO that, after the deceased hurriedly and happily washed his clothes, it was time to hung them, as a basic procedure of laundry, little did he know that, it was the last thing he would do, while still with us. In his attempt to hung one of tye clothes he had washed, he met his death.

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The gradually exposed life wire, did the unthinkable after its insulator weared and teared in pass of time. Its so sad that the last bit reached Mwanzau.

His funeral arrangements are underway, friends and family members are meeting at Salvation Army Church, OTC Nairobi to plan the consequential events. Help us give our brother a descent burial, through Nzilu mulatya, Mpesa No :0727734994, with whatever you have.

Burial scheduled to take place on Saturday 15th of this month. GOD bless you all

Written by Guest Commentator – Muindu PETER

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