Hon. Charity Ngilu left

Hon Charity Ngilu once served as the Minister for Water and Health in her times in power.

By @Antoh_Muinde | KituiOnline

Politics is a dirty game and indeed at times it can get blazing hot to call for a break. Politics can make not only new politicians but also veteran one’s sweat. When you dive into it then one must be prepared for the worst.

Kitui politicians handle different matters differently. Many of them are those that choose to stay and watch while some cannot withstand the heat. When it comes to online discussions especially WhatsApp things are not any better for our leaders.

On Tuesday 11th one Patrick Makasi did not spare her long-time friend Former Lands CS Charity Ngilu when he daringly shared a link questioning her involvement in the famous Umaa Dam Project which allegedly went down during her reign as the Minister of Water, the article was courtesy of Pasha online.

Umaa Dam has been a huge scandal that has left residents unhappy as the project would have salvaged the chronic water problems experienced in Kitui Town and its environs.

Ngilu who was a member of the said WhatApp group instead chose to left the group, immediately a debate would follow on why “Ngilu left”.

This is not the first time Ngilu’s fans and critics have put her to task to explain many inconsistences in her many years in public service.

Recently another fan posted a series of questions seeking answers from the Former CS to explain why she had left health situation in Ukambani deteriorate while she sat for several years on the National Health docket.

It is not lost among Kitui people that apart from being an MP of the Kitui Central constituency for many years, Ngilu served as Minister of Water and Minister of Health.

People have wondered where she has got the moral authority to talk of issues she should have addressed during her time.

However, none of these tough questions have been answered Ngilu has instead remained mum giving a blind eye, and her latest action leaves much to be desired.

A screenshot of the conversation that went on before Ngilu left the group.
A screenshot of the conversation that went on before Ngilu left the group.
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