Kyeni foundation touching lives


Kyeni Foundation has been in an interminable journey to inspire, touch and change lives every day.

For the last two years Kyeni has been in existence, the number of lives stirred positively is out rightly touchable.

The foundation’s partnership with the Beyond Zero Campaign countywide has helped save lives of thousands of women and children who would otherwise die in pitiable conditions.

It is through the optimistic engagement with the mobile clinics that has seen so many women and children saved from premature deaths.

Kitui women are a solid testimony of the said foundation. Out of every 1000 expectant women, three hundred of them could die oddly owing to inaccessible state of medical facilities before the establishment of Kyeni Foundation.

The above situation has completely changed and now the premature deaths are controlled towards the beyond zero mark presently. Thanks to Kyeni Foundation.

Through the foundation’s partnership with the Beyond Zero clinic, thousands of people have had HIV tested and this has contributed considerably in controlling the spread of the disease through trainings, talks and universal teachings on the jeopardies of the disease.

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Education sector has also not been isolated.

The foundation in partnership with the Red Cross Kenya has distributed shoes to hundreds of primary school pupils countywide and targeting a large number of pupils in all corners of the vast county.

According to the patron Mama Edith, no child or woman ought to be isolated from the noble life touching plan.

The County First Lady will tour Kisasi area on Saturday 15th October 2016 in a set life changing tour of the area.

Written by Barack Muli

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