Another shameless lady aborts in Kitui County

Kalundu residents looking at the foetus dumped along Kalundu River

By @Antoh_Muinde | KituiOnline

This Morning Kitui residents were treated to a rare scene when they discovered a foetus dumped along Kalundu river.

The ladies have promised to investigate the matter. “Tutajua nani amefanya hiki kitendo, tunajuana na tutajua ni nani, tukipata mimba imepotea utatueleza mtoto ako wapi” Kalekye, a resident of Kalundu.

Police in Kitui County are looking for responsible lady suspected to have aborted and dumped a foetus in a thicket in Kalundu Estate, Kitui County.

This is unacceptable behavior, there are various ways to prevent pregnancies. This information is readily available in our public and private hospital.

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