Governor Malombe accused of encroaching into Tana River County

Tana river Deputy Governor Jire Siyat speaking at the function.

The Deputy Governor of Tana River County Jire Siyat has accused Kitui Governor Julius Malombe of intentions to extend his boundaries to encroach into Tana River.

He said his attempts have been sparking animosity among the two communities at the border. Siyat was speaking barely a day after a function attended by the Kitui Governor and Wajir Governor Ahmed was marred with chaos from the residents.

Malombe was to receive a devolution torch from Wajir Governor at Bangale Ward Bura Constituency.
The residents were however unhappy and they disrupted the event holding that the action was tantamount to the Kitui Governor grabbing their land.

The residents say there has been attempt by the Kitui government to migrant their boundaries into Tana River and have vowed to fight back.


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