Kitui County Secretary slowly killing his boss, find out here

Acting County Secretary addressing residents during a past event

He’s said to be the most inflexible person to ever encounter in the County government of Kitui.

Holding the most delicate office in the government, the Acting County Secretary Mr. Alex Kimanzi is whispered to be holding employees hostage by not signing their field allowances and shelving the vouchers for over three months in his office table.

This has raised alarm among employees who have been overheard exchanging bitterly about the said working difficulties under the acting secretary.

Kimanzi is rumoured to be cripling the county operations knowingly or unknowingly posing a rocky time among Malombe’s employees.

It is intersting to note that most field operations are never financed and employees have to dig deep into their pockets to facilitate their daily duties.

The trend is worsening and causing untold go slows among employees. The said boss took over office after the sacking of the former County Secretary Musyoka Nyamai.

Most employees are anticipating a possible fall of a doctor led administration following the secretary’s sluggishness in office.

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It is no doubt that the county employees are missing the former County Secretary, one Nyamai.

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