Sickening Nuu Sub-county District Hospital.


State of health facilities in Nuu Sub-county has gone from bad to worse as patients are forced to seek alternative medical attention from far flown health facilities and those that are critically ill end up suffering in the helpless Nuu Sub-County district Hospital where there is hardly any medicine nor medical equipments to assist the patients.

Residents of Nuu Ward now want the only Sub-County district hospital equipped with modern health care facilities as the suffering has claimed lives of many that could have easily survived through proper medical attention.

A concerned resident who has suffered at the hands of the deplorable facilities said the hospital has got no modern health facilities, no enough drugs nor are there enough staff to facilitate smooth running in the institution which is very essential.

He narrated how he had previously suffered when he took his sick brother to the hospital, “”The hospital had no medication they only gave him painkillers which did nothing to his situation.” He said.

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“I also noted there was an expectant mother who needed an emergency medical attention but there was no one to assist.” He added.

His concerns have been echoed by many other residents who complain of marginalization.

“Nuu sub-county hospital is the only big hospital in the entire Nuu Ward but is a totally sick hospital” Another resident said. “If the County government can equip the hospital with the proper health facilities it can be of great help to the people of Nuu.” He added.

The residents said many lives of their children have been lost as a result, especially during childbirth at the health facility.

Mothers that have to undergo caesarean section end up losing their unborn babies during childbirth as they have to be transferred to Mwingi Level 4 Hospital on a rough road of at least 66Kms.

It is also quite expensive and time consuming transferring patients from Nuu to Mwingi district hospital which is almost 66 kilometres away from Nuu town.

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The residents have called upon the governor of Kitui County to look into the matter and address it with urgency so that people of Nuu can have access to good medical facility that can serve the people.

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