Malombe’s leadership inability exposed by senate


Written by KituiOnline admin

I attended senate PAC meeting Thursday 13th October and Malombe couldn’t explain some of the issues raised by the auditor.

For instance, When asked about procurement procedures used in procuring a 4milion kes furniture, he said it followed the right procedure and produced minutes which were not signed. When asked why the Minutes were not signed, he said they looked neat without signatures.

Malombe failed to give satisfactory answers to the issues raised raging from misappropriating funds set aside for county infrastructure to fence Kitui Stadium.

Why he spent only 14% of the money in development and not the minimum 30% required by law.
He failed to provide conclusive answers as to why the 1.5 billion kes returned to treasurer was not committed, not under pending bills/no projects initiated.

Malombe said he is understaffed because when he does job adverts, people don’t apply because other gubernatorial aspirants have threatened to sack staff when they get into office. In this sense they don’t see need for applying.

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