Our Governor is not serious – Kauma residents claim


Governor Malombe disappoints highly expectant kituians by cancelling a fundraiser ,which he was much aware about and in which he had promised to cater for all logistics.

Complaints have been received from teachers,parents and BOM of St.Michael’s mixed secondary school ,which is in Kauma, Matinyani ward after H.E dr. Malombe suddenly cancelled a harambee that had been organized in support of expansion of the school which is still new.

Moreover, the governor had been informed about the function over 6 months ago and of course had been receiving reminders about it.Word has it that in 2012, dr.Malombe had promised to help with construction of the school whether elected or not,but since then,he has never set foot back there.

Earlier on this year,the harambee had been planned for 6th August, but the county king suggested that the concerned authorities of the school push the function to 8th October, to make it convenient for H.E Kalonzo Musyoka to accompany him.

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The office of the governor promised to cater for all logistics pertaining the harambee.Shock on them,the devil decided to go party with the function organizers and the harambee was cancelled at midnight, just before the actual day.

Plaque meant to be used for the said event
Plaque meant to be used for the said event

This is a total show of a failed leadership and complete disorganization. Who the hell are the advisors of H.E.dr.Malombe?Don’t they at least have the courtesy of giving people a prior apology ,if they knew they wouldn’t proceed with the function as promised?I’m asking as much questions as the teachers,parents, BOM and students of the school are.

There’s nothing as bitter as a broken promise ,especially to people who trusted you with their votes.

Mundu muima ndakengaa syana,nundu syana syakengwa,siyulawaa.

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