Kitui’s pits of GOLD


This place is known best as the natural springs to the locals, the famous ‘Mutonyeko’ wells of life. Its here where locals gather at the brink of the dawn earlier than the early bird at River Enziu.

Here they come with their livestock, a number of donkeys each with at least 4 twenty-litre Jericans tenaciously to get this very basic hardy commodity, WATER!

It is here at Mutito Sub county, Endau Malalani about 30 kilometers from Malalani town which is the nearest shopping centre, where the ‘Pits of Gold’ serve 95% of the community as its the only source of fresh water, in the large community.

On average of the wells are 45 fts below the sea level. Clearly this depth is both scary and life threatening, but the community, lacking an alternative, still risks their lives on a daily basis.

Cases of loved ones losing their life have occurred more than once. All in all, at the late hour of the day when one finally succeeds in getting a few jericans to quench their thirsty and that of their families the locals feel like they have fetched gold.

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The biggest cry by the residents is either the County Government, or even the National government to come into their rescue and provide them with a better and safer alternative to this crucial commodity.

However curses have been spelt over the Salty POISONOUS Boreholes which were drilled by the area County government

The latest attempt by former CS, to sent boozzers to the residents attracted their forgotten smiles. They believe for once they will not have to traverse those many kilometres, Hureee!

Someone else to hear this cry, the cry of CENTURIES! Kenyan Government, Kitui Government, NGOs, Well wishers, Help this community live again. This place is remote, but NOT forgotten! – the hope of the residents is that one day, a permanent solution will be attained.

By | Muindu PETER

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