Rogue contractors taking home fat checks in Kitui County

Some county roads are so poorly done they look like narrow field ready for cultivating and plowing instead of a roads.

Residents have called on Kitui County government to be keener in the kinds of contractors they engage in undertaking county projects as some contracts done by some contractors have no lifeline.

“Some contractors have taken the county government for a cash cow and have no regard to the kind of job they deliver, most of them are driven by haste to make quick money and the residents end up as victims of unscrupulous projects.” A concerned resident said.

“Contractors in Kitui County should not be paid for shoddy job.” He held.

For instance according to area representative Munyoki Kituva, in Tseikuru roads in the area are poorly done yet contractors are handsomely paid as no serious inspection is done by the mandated county officers.

Munyoki says the County government should stop calling people to offices to bring in their opinion and views on works done and instead go to the people and collect facts as they are.

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There are also cases of boreholes that have been sunk but have no benefit to the locals.

Residents say the county government should ensure that boreholes done by different contractors and bodies are functional as water has been a challenge following a breakdown of almost all the boreholes in the different wards.
Especially in Tseikuru and Kitui East where residents are badly hit by water crisis.

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