“Where are the 2,400 sand dams promised two years ago?” Kitui residents question Malombe’s commitment.

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe speaks at a past event.

More than two years now, residents of Kitui have waited with bated breath for the day that they will bid goodbye to water crisis in the county.

The Kitui County governor had revived the residents’ hope immediately he took over the docket promising to alleviate the historical suffering. The governor had said 2,400 sand dams were to be constructed across the county on small and medium rivers with each ward to receive 60 such dams.

The project according to the county boss was meant to increase water for domestic use and for livestock, irrigation, and tree planting with a view to greening Kitui land.

In addition the programme would also involve building more earth dams, sinking boreholes and extending water pipelines to bring water closer to every home, to quote governor’s own words.

But the Kitui residents two year later are more disappointed in the promise and want the governor to account for his lack of commitment on what he promised.

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Now only dry pipelines that have been developed in the villages as well as empty installed tanks in schools, health facilities and markets with functionless boreholes.

Despite the county government setting aside millions after million every year to boost water and irrigation projects across the county.

Now Kitui residents who are suffering from water shortage are calling on the governor to make good his promises and show commitment towards ending the eminent crisis.

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