Drink Kitui ‘mineral’ water at your own risk

Kasee washing 'drift' water bottles

By @Antoh_Muinde | KituiOnline

Water has become a scarce commodity across the country. Any effort to avail this commodity in Kitui is highly appreciated by both the living snd the dead.

How safe is the water that we take is one key question that’s often ignored by the concerned department. How many times do you to hotel and refuse to be served with glass water and instead request for bottled.

One man, Kasee (not real name) has been transversing Kitui town collecting “DRIFT” water bottle meant for recycling in Mbitini. Through an undercover investigation Kasee disclosed to KO that the bottles are only washed once. This is done in Kalundu river behind Kitui slaughter house.

Kasee then transports the bottles to Mbitini via bicycle where they are refilled and taken to market (Kitui) to be consumed by you and me.

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