Whatsapp Group working miracles in Kitui


Kituians are positively using social media to do the unbelievable. This is not the first time neither is it the second time kituians are using whatsapp to help in contributions for ones medical attention.

This time we are on medical appeal for one PURITY MUNANIE. Contributions are ongoing via mpesa. You can join her whatsapp group

Purity Munanie is daughter of Malombe Kivosyo from Wanzua, Ivaini Sublocation, Kyangwithya East Ward in Kitui County. She dropped from form 2 after developing a growth on her face.

The condition is worsening by day and now Munanie URGENTLY
needs 600k to undergo operation. Contributions are being send to Treasurer Peter Mitau 0722483545.

Schedule for pledges and contributions
Schedule for pledges and contributions for PURITY MUNANIE

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