Kitui County Women Rep takes a new shape


The role of a county women representative is unknown to most of us.

The other roles played by women representatives in Kenya are contained in Article 95 of the Constitution. Their roles include budgeting, determining the conduct of State officers, overseeing state organs, and approving declarations of war and states of emergency.

In Kitui County this seat seem to be taking a different shape. It is all about beauty contest.

It all started with the lecturer of UoN Hon Irene Kasalu who in the beginning 98% of the youth supported her bid. Today things are different as the race has attracted other beauty queens.

Irene Kasalu aspiring Kitui County Women Rep.
Irene Kasalu aspiring Kitui County Women Rep.

The controversial Betty also featured in the list. Things were going on well before someone alleged she lied to have worked in a leading pharmacy. It’s said she doesn’t have leadership qualification. Someone said she’s more of a socialite.

Kitui Senator 2017 - Betty Mulinge
Kitui Senator 2017 – Betty Mulinge

The latest in the list is Deborah who is giving the famous team ma**s* optical nourishment. Her cv is yet surface in the public domain.


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