Malombe means well for Kitui, opponents dishonest

'Kitui' s political gods'

By Barrack Muli,

Kitui county gubernatorial race is no doubt a warm discussion in the Kenyan politics presently.

The Malombe led administration has achieved a lot despite the evident criticism from rivals. The two main adversaries of the incumbent Governor who have drawn interest in the seat are however underhanded. They are a treacherous lot.

The former CS for Health for instance, Hon. Charity Ngilu is full of controversy. History has painted a perilous picture about her. She has walked in corridors of untold allegations for years. The anti-Kanu iron lady is a great crusader of hypothetical development but a perennial non-performer. Most of the projects she initiated as a water and health minister ended up faulty and inapt.

The many shallow wells she initiated in the name of boreholes ended up faulty. It is consequently uncertain to entrust her with devolution at such early stages.

History lies not.

Hon Ngilu and Musila are just anti-Malombe and not development champions. Kitui Senator Hon. David Musila has openly faulted Malombe for under development.

It is wrong to imagine of political dominance forever. Even the late Nyerere and Mandela retired during their time. It is time we educate our elders that it is great respect and wisdom to give an opportunity to the young lot to also lead the way.

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