Residents of kisasi ward have demanded that their MCA stops campaigning with the ‘dead’.


The Irate residents led by one Mumo Mwithuli , say that it’s shameful for their MCA to keep on bragging in burials how he has helped people buy coffins and transport the dead in his personal car.

“it’s like he enjoys when there is death of a poor resident in the area because this assures him political milage, that is devilish, diabolic and inhumane and we condemn it in the strongest terms possible” the residents noted.

They disclosed that they were angered by the MCA on Saturday when he took to the podium during a women fundraiser attended by Kitui first lady and chest thumped how he had managed to burry his people.

They also took issue with him for tagging himself ‘scorpion’ that can bite and make anyone disappear.

“I’m wondering on how he can make this happen if he doesn’t use charms” wondered Mutunga. 
Previously his rivals have reported intimidation from the MCA for criticising him with many afraid of being bewitched.

The ward representative in question doubles up as a medicine and he mostly operates from Mombasa.


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