Kitui East nduramaaaaa once again!


Edited by Rachel Munanie

Barely a month after nude photos of a Kenyatta university student from endau, kitui east went viral on social media, she has decided to settle her scores,but this time too badly.

The lady who gained negative fame after being exposed by spanner boys of one renowned Kitui EAST politician , Miltonic Mwendwa alias Kitute, has now started spewing garbage about the politician, implying that he is a con and she has even gone to the extent of spitting all that in Kitui East forums, forwarding cooked up texts.

I thought Kitui ladies we were warned to be careful before indulging in politics,but this one doesn’t seem to know what fire is going to consume her.

Her recent compensatory behavior has attracted a lot of attention and hatred from women at the same time.In fact, some Kitui Easterners feel that the lady is on a money making mission that seems to be blowing up on her. Women on some of the forums in which she’s spewing the garbage have called her a big let down, a bitch and all sorts of names but she is not going to relent.

Good people of Kitui east, kindly tell the young lady this for free : political battles are not fought as domestic battles.

Emotions,relationships and politics are totally different concepts.
But what shall we say, ” ngiti ya ukuma ni ya ukuma ona ikavingiwa kyooni”img-20161026-wa0061

Source – anonymous observant.

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