Kicks of a dying County Government of Kitui

Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe addressing Kwavonza residents at St Lukes Secondary School playground in Kiusyani earlier

A dying horse’s last kicks may be dangerous but the point is they don’t go on for very long and they get weaker before the animal finally succumbs.

Politically Malombe’s political mileage is deteriorating day in day out and very soon he might be narrating how political grave looks like. A dying horse exhibit some characteristics so is the county government of Kitui. Governor Malombe just like a dying horse has the following behavior

1. Commissioning every single project initiated by county government, this includes rehabilitated toilet at KES 131,000
2. Attending all harambees including uninvited ones
3. Awarding tenders to his allies as campaign tool (Tryphosa, Ngeana, MCA Ngoima, Mwendwa aka Kathungi, Mvumilivu ventures, etc)
4. Unnecessary retreats for public servants and MCAs
5. Endless tours across the county in the last minute.

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