Every Kitui tender is an avenue to siphon taxpayers cash


Kitui County Government Tenders is one thing that has been a hot cake for contractors and suppliers in Kitui County. It’s a high time for people to know advertising this tenders in local dailies is just but PR.

Serous tenders are given to Malombe’s cowboys via a phone call. To cover up this the other small contractors/suppliers are given a class, toilet repair, borehole equipment after giving 10% tithe.

To mention just a few; to who and at what costs were the following contracts awarded?

1.Fencing of Katulani Sub District Hospital
2.Streetlight from Syongila – Kabati rd
3.Fencing of Muslim Primary School in Kitui
4.Mwingi & Kitui General Hospital Gates

There are some table rules that Ngilu’s and Musila’s associates should not benefit from County’s job. You may wonder for instance once the road is complete who uses it? The answer is definitely everyone. Why can’t everyone benefit from the tenders?

Governor Malombe, Chief Officers and Chief of Staff can answer this queries.

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