Kitui: Meet the self proclaimed MP’s First lady


All dreams are valid.

Madam Shailline (not real name) is one lady who believes that her choice of MP in 2017 who is also her sponsor will win in Kitui central Parliamentary seat. She has openly been saying this to her friends whenever they meet.

To an extend she calls herself Mrs aspirant’s name. Mid this year Shailline had aspirant’s photo as her whatsapp profile picture.

In Kitui town she has been source of optical nourishment for most mafisi with her dress code that can easily be mistaken to be a Nairobi dress code.

“Sasa huyu anauzia nani? Kitui hakuna mtu anataka hii kitu apart from politician mwenye anakimbizana naye” Mutua, a taxi driver said

This might have a negative effect on the aspirant as women will be reluctant to vote in such a man. It’s said he’s married yet he’s allowing women to run after him with hope that they will get imported fabric from the ‘MP’

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