Kitui’s female Engineer advices bedminton members


A Leading kitui County employee, LIUDS has been on the receiving end in the last 3 days over an audio that surfaced online. “Nye namba kuthamba…. Nuu ula ukakwata kia kya mundu ume amanye kiinathambwa..” she says in the audio.

The Careless Female Engineer, Valilian Matheka has been on loose talk in town. She has been drinking in all local clubs with a county vehicle allocated to her, abusing people and contractors.

Last week she did her usual thing to locals of Mutongini Ward. Audio evidence is with KO team. She has been following county’s CEO across the county launching projects under LIUDS.

Valilian claims that she has direct link with who is who in Kitui County. If this is her routine on weekends then she is letting Malombe’s administration down. She should just go home and resolve her drinking problems instead of misusing County’s resources.

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