You Are Our People, First Lady Tells Detainees


Kitui First Lady Mama Edith Malombe has visited Kitui prisoners and expressed deep concern over their well-being and stay at the prisons.

Addressing hundreds of detainees at the prison, the county 1st Lady reiterated that prisoners are part of the Kenyan fraternity and deserve good care like the rest of the society.

Accompanied by several County Chief Officers and Red Cross Members, the County First Lady donated over 600 shoes and foodstuffs to both male and female inmates, assuring them of the County government’s support on solving issues affecting them.

“Inmates at prisons are part of us, they deserve utmost care, no matter the reason of you being here, you will at one time be free people”. She encouraged them.

She heartened them to remain virtuous people and embrace change, encouraging them to adopt new routines and nonviolent involvements after their terms in jail.

She added that through her Kyeni Foundation, thousands of Kitui people have already benefited from the programmes initiated to promote health, education and empowerment among the Kitui residents countywide.

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Guests Commentator Barrack Muli

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