The Corrupt Kitui Transport Boss


Kitui County transport boss Mr. Kioko is not a new name in the news. The man has been out in a fraudulent journey of messing up transport operations within the government constantly.

Reports are that Kioko cares not for the government operations as long as he gets some chunk of faulty deals from corrupt drivers who lure him to get favors in their daily maneuvers.

There were reports of a lost car in the past that vanished under mysterious conditions, the same driver involved in the mess was later withheld in the CBD operations despite his negligence. Kioko instead moved the driver from the ministry of health to the office of the governor. What a messed boss!!

Such a person who deserves disciplinary action in real life remains untouched. Thanks to Mr. Kioko.

In normal scenarios, such a person should be deployed to an area away from the town, for instance in the remotest parts of the county. Kioko would promote such a person to operate within the ministry offices in the town. Thanks to the cartels in operation.

One doesn’t need a PhD to allege in this case that the transport boss is corrupt, unjustified and a failed officer who should be relieved duties to save the crippled transport sector in good time.

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