Wake up Mr. Administrator, Filthiness alarming


By Barrack Muli

The pitiable conditions of uncontrolled garbage disposal in most parts of Kitui town is alarming as the rainy seasons begin. This is obviously a task of the town administrator who is obviously deep slumbering watching the county headquarters turn into a garbage center.

The County government deserves credit for the daily ferrying of garbage from the town center that has seen the CBD remain appealing, but this has been out shown by the high levels of disarray behind scenes. Dirt is spread all over behind plots posing a health hazard during the rainy season.

One would expect the admin to interact liberally with the town residents and establish the key issues facing the town residents but this is just but a dream.

It is wrong to witness this four years after the inception of devolution. Walking in the streets of Kitui town can be a miserable experience. One would certainly wonder whether the administrator is still in office or perhaps on a go slow.

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