Millions of Kitui Money Freezing at Umaa Dam


Guest Commentator: Barrack Muli

The controversial scandalized Umaa Dam is a common name in the vast Kitui County and the Kenyan nation.

Unknown to many is the value of Kenyan wealth perishing at the dam to be site that remains isolated and elapsed after the indefinable Umaa scandal during the regime of the Former Water CS Hon. Charity Ngilu.

Kenyan people are however accustomed to scandals. Billions of shillings were lost in the Eurobond scandal, millions at the NYS, nonstandard costs at the Standard Gauge Railway and earlier on Millions at the very Kitui’s heart Umaa Dam.

The present state of the site of the said dam is appalling and needs the national government’s intervention.

Kenya is a great nation with splendid minds and visionary people. The Umaa dam narrative calls for swift measures to save the long overlooked county from the water shortage jeopardy.

Current state of Form work that costed taxpayer
Current state of Form work that costed taxpayer
Stalled machinery in Umaa dam
Stalled machinery in Umaa dam
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