Residents of remote kitui East decry limited access healthcare


Residents of Malalani in Kitui East Kitui County are demanding for more medical facilities as the area that has a population of 70,000 people struggles when people fall sick because there is only one health post and one permanent nurse who runs the health post from Monday to Friday. 

Malalani , is one of the largest and most densely populated areas in Mutito sub county . 

On average It takes about 2-hour trek to access the under equipped facility according to residents here. 

The nurse who mans this facility is a jack of all trades,the services he gives range from midwifery to cleaning of the facility. 

Muthui Mavusyu 54, a resident of Makuka which is 9 km from the health Centre told journalists that they have made their query for improved healthcare known to various local leaders with minimum response made. 

“One of the biggest challenges we have here is insufficient medical care. We only have one nurse. He does not satisfy the medical demands of the area,” said Mavusyu, adding that medical care offered at the location’s only health post include antibiotics, and malaria treatment. 

“This is not the first time we are making these demands. Sometimes, the Ministry of Health sends some facilities and services to the area, but they do not meet the demands of residents here’ said John Muinde the clinical officer. 

“When we have a patient who needs emergency medical care, we have to transport that patient by bicycle to Malalani ,” said one Justus Mutie. 

“We need at least three more permanent nurses, and improved medical services to offer emergency care services”. 

As these people are suffering the Kitui county health ministry has hinted spending over Sh 2billion to improve healthcare service in the last three years. 

The CEC Health and sanitation Ruth Koki said that her ministry was determined to curb these problems. 

A man showing KO team the Hospital canteen
Hospital canteen


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