Malombe’s supporters evicted for leaked screenshot.


All is not well in Malombe WhatsApp and social media militia. Yesterday, following the BODA BODA riders meeting that went sour, key commanders of Malombe tena social media agenda were ejected from the battalion.

Drama started at around 5pm yesterday when Aggrey Nzomo NYC chair leaked to the public that young bodaboda riders had collided with the governor in the social media. A few of county govt staff rejected his posts and declared them propaganda. Minutes later, audios of BODA BODA riders shouting, heckling and complaining found their way into several media forums. It turned out the event had ended in a disarray.

At around 8:00pm, social media platforms were plastered with screenshots from Malombe inner circle WhatsApp group. Senior officers had exchanged bitterly accusing each other of failing to deliver a successful BODA BODA riders meeting.

Investigation inside the malombe team started in Ernest. It was found out that screenshots had been leaked to Aggrey Nzomo by close confidants of Malombe.

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Late night counter from the PRO Munyasya about the meeting have been “a success” failed to convince anybody.

Former Mayor Makasi and 5 other pro-malombe people have since been evicted from the camp and WhatsApp groups. They are being accused of running a counter productive social media campaign for malombe and leaking key information to Malombes rivals. Efforts to reach him for a comment have gone unfruitful. Only time will tell.

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