Malombe’s woes far from ending as he earns himself new enemies


There were chaotic scenes at Kitui’s kefri offices on Thursday as bodaboda operators from Kitui demanded to be paid reasonable allowances.

The riders had vowed they would not leave the offices unless they are paid the money they had been promised . 

They said they were promised that their accommodation, transport and meals would be sorted out but this had not been done.

A number of them say they have gone hungry, lacked places to sleep and have no means of returning home.

“These people lied to us, I have gone for over 8 hours without eating lamented one kelvin. 

Another rider from  Katyethoka, who identified himself as Francis Mulu, said he had been promised Sh1000, but this hasn’t materialised.

“we’ve in vain tried to reach our chairman who mobilised to attend the function as his phone remains engaged” said kelvin.

The Irate riders have vowed not vote for malombe come 2017 citing mistreatment and disrespect.

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The riders had been given Sh. 500 with other government officers whose presence in the function was unwanted drawing more than Sh. 10000.


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