Kitui central Parliamentary aspirant’s benz confiscated


A Kitui MP ‘wanna-be’ who claims to own a multinational company working across Africa found himself in an awkward situation last week after his car was unceremoniously impounded and seized by  the police in Nairobi.

According to a close source, the braggart aspirant has defaulted a loan rendered to him in good faith.

Little known to him, the parliamentary aspirant drove in his classy ride oblivious of the misfortune that awaited him on the evening of Sunday 6 only to land in the hands of the police.

According to the insider, the debtors were fed-up with a long cat and mouse chase and had resorted to seeking  police intervention they demanded that his Merc be confiscated until he settled the loaned money.

The aspirant had hardly gotten to Nairobi when he was suddenly intercepted and his car taken away leaving him no option but to look for a quick means of transport.

The unconfirmed reports indicate that the Mercedes Benz was confiscated due to unpaid debts by the aspirant. A story that has quickly spread out among electorates who now accuse him of peddling empty talk and boasting over loaned liabilities.

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We as KO wonder if this rumour is anything to go by, then the bragging aspirant must be quite embarrassed and pondering on how he will be convincing ‘fungas’ that he is indeed a capable sponsor as it is not forgotten among the electorates of his love for ‘skirts’.

The much guarded scandal finally got on our table and leaves us wondering on how the aspirant will sustain his own campaign if he can barely manage his own financial situation.

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