The Wicked GREEN, Real COLONY


    I salute every youth from Kitui and all over Kenya who will spot this article. I hope it will work at your positive favour-
    Green has always been the colour of peace, the colour therefore of love. Till late when I have realised that particularly, there is this green which has turned my fellow youths into co-operative slaves.

    These GREEN leaves are going by the name Miraa, Muguka among other cooperating names.
    Pardon my ignorance to the angered Meru mafia who does the business. I’m sorry we campaign against your this very commodity which earns you money. Please don’t go around saying I lied, so that youths can go on and on buying your commodity, the Wicked Green.

    Guys, its not that miraa is sooo bad, but too much of everything spoils the game. if admitting that I sometimes _chana_ myself will help, then I do, I admit. But I do so RARELY and ON PURPOSE I control my guts as young as I might be.

    My teeth therefore has not turned. Oh and… and my sperm count im sure my girlfriend can testify, its up. Too many of us are loosing fertility at very tender age, others creating gaps on their dental cavities

    Why should you spoil your health and lifestyle in the name of fun? Why not limit your fun and live a limitless life. Traders play with our minds, with questionable skulldaggery dubious tricks. They have their agents to keep you locked on the trick. I’m told some even go an extra mile to involve witches just to keep you as customers. (Note I don’t believe in such though)

    Anyway this is a Colony ‘in style’, lets cut the cuffs, and walk free. Chewing EVERYDAY is a disease not fun at all. I might not have used more convincing tone, but I hope someone sees the sense. Say No to Green Colonization

    By| Muindu PETER
    Kitui Youth Mentorship Alliance [KYMA] Spokesman

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