By Barrack Muli,

    A 38-year-old man is appealing for help to travel to India to for a kidney transplant.

    Donald Muema, who lives in Kariobangi , Nairobi, has had to have dialysis every Monday and Thursday for the past 7 years. Doctors at Mendata Hospital now say that the only hope for the father of three is to a kidney transplant.

    “My predicament began early 2011, when I started feeling sick and vomiting whatever I ate, I also had difficulties breathing” recalled Muema.

    After visiting Nairobi Womens’hospital, he was diagnosed with kidney failure and then fixed with a cannula in the right hand to help him drain urine. It unfortunately caused a swollen hand and a CT scan is needed to see what the problem is,’’ said Muema, who has spent over million shillings after selling land for treatment.

    He’s organizing a funds drive in Nairobi for December, 12, 2016 to raise the 2 million needed for him and the donor.

    “I am appealing to Kenyans and well-wishers to help me raise the required amount, my pail bill number is 835853, account name is Donald Muema Medical Appeal, my number is 0720544782.’’ He said.

    #StoryCredit – The Standard.

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