MPs plan to oust Kitui South Legislator


Kitui South legislator, Rachel Nyamai is on spotlight for allegedly blocking committee members from asking hard questions regarding Afya House saga during committee visits in Mombasa to inspect 99 mobile clinics supplied to Ministry Health at a cost of Ksh 1 billion.

Stephen Mule of Matungulu said the committee cannot do anything serous with the leadership of Madam Kaki. “We need new leadership for Kenyans to get to the bottom of the whole saga”. Jubilee doesn’t want this matter to be investigated fully.

The chair is not ready to invite key supplier. Madam Rachel Nyamai is being pushed by Jubilee administration not to invite the supplier said to be from Uhuru’s family.

20 members out of 29 members have signed the petition to oust leadership of health committee.

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