Mutua, KFCB boss wants Katombi ‘dead’


So, Ezekiel Mutua – Kenya Film Classification Board chief, the ‘moral cop’ strikes again, by weekend, as he always does, banning this kamba musician, Alex Kasau because of his stage name, ‘Katombi’, Which Mutua, has measured and deduced that it is against his definition of moral fabric.

For non kambas, ‘katombi’ is a derivative word (literally) for ‘flexible ‘ or ‘boneless’… Take it in the context of dancing. That is kamba meaning. So what’s wrong with such name by a Kamba musician whose entertainment audience is solely kamba community? Could Mutua be developing meanings of words in one language using another language?

Of course there is a Swahili word whose etymology related to this KAMBA word: ‘Katombi’ would mean or refer to sexual activity. Is this what is in the mind of Mutua? If so, who has dirty mind here? If he can be led by extension then go to Luo community and deliver stern warning for any one using the word: ‘Kende….’ because it is a ‘very bad word’ in another language?

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Source: Maliti | UPF

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