Will Ngilu deliver Kituians from Malombeology?


Why Charity Kaluki Ngilu ??

1.She’s planning to open factories in Kitui county, which will create job opportunities to our Kitui people.

2. She’s on Road to make kitui county a business Hub.

3.She will establish a education center which can improve skills of low level learners.

4. She will ensure Kitui people won’t experience water or food starvation , by piping n conveying water for irrigation, Matiko na syengoni of disginated areas.

As you know when Madam CK was minister of water n health, she gave kitui county a priority and introduced a dispensary, health center in every town. Not only in kitui but also in entire ukambani. She’s planning to renovate kitui general hospital newly and ensure good health care.

All Kitui fidder n street lights won’t be forgotten again.

Source: Ngilu’s supporter

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