A woman hangs herself in Kitui


A middle-aged woman was on Wednesday Nov 23 found dead in her house in Kitui Town, her body was noticed by neighbours dangling over the roof of her one bed-roomed house, in the bathroom early Wednesday morning.

According to neighbours, the lady was a happy mother of two and the fateful news came as a shocker to many. There was however an indication from among the murmurs that her death could have been as a result of family wrangles.

“Ever since she moved in there has been constant yelling and fighting at her house.” One neighbor who sought anonymity said he had heard people fighting so often.

The police have since taken the body to the mortuary, and investigation as commenced to ascertain the cause of death.

The caretaker told the media that he had been caught by surprise as he had not suspected any difference in behavior of the deceased who was a relatively good tenant.

“It is an unfortunate event and it will indeed take long before the residents can forget this fateful day, we hope that the family will be able to cope with this saddening occurence .” The caretaker said in disbelief.

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