Kitui MCA escapes with church contributions


A member of Kitui county Assembly has been on the receiving end from members of Ithookwe AIC. It is said church contributions amounting to KES 300,000 had been realised from fundraising and given to Treasurer, Mrs Ngoima. The instructions from committee members was the same amount to be given to the contractor, instead the contractor only received 190,000/=

“Kanisa na siasa hazipatani;I will not attend any committee meeting, not when the contractor has not been paid” – A church member who sought anonymity told KituiOnline.

A spot check by KO team indicates that ongoing construction of tge sanctuary has been stopped fue to misuse/lack of transparency from the Treasury who happens to be the wife of area MCA.

Our efforts to reach the Treasurer were fruitless as our calls went unanswered.

Sources privy to KituiOnline tells us the notorious MCA uses the cash via the wife to run his construction company, campaigns and butchery.

This follows a complain from a different church in site (Kitui town) where Mgoima contributed KES 1,000 despite him being chief Guest.

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