Church women taunt Kitui governor’s wife.


Kitui County governor’s wife was on Thursday evening jeered by a section of a crowd after she was given an opportunity to speak at a prayer meeting.

.Mrs. Edith Malombe was booed when she took to the podium to deliver her husband’s “greetings” and speech to Kitui AIC women who had attended a prayer conference at Mulango..

Ms Malombe stirred the congregation the wrong way when she took to the podium and started hurling insults at the former lands CS charity Ngilu (who was present) and Kitui Senator David Musila for declaring interest on his husband’s seat.

She said that the two aspirants were liars who had nothing to offer Kitui people, utterances that didn’t go well with the women who in return booed and asked her to leave the function.

Earlier before Edith’s speech the congregants had flushed out the Chief officer of coordination and administration Susan katusya to leave the function for sneaking hoodlums into the event.

As all this was taking place the county minister for health and sanitation Ruth Koki watched in disbelief and helpless as it was happening right at her doorstep.

The leadership of the Africa inland Church has assured followers that they are going to look into the matter and might ban malombe from visiting their churches citing hooliganism.

Earlier this year the Kitui region AIC bishop Benjamin Mukuu and the entire AIC leadership had threatened to ban malombe from setting his feet in all AIC churches after the governor hurled unprintable insults at his opponents while in the house of God.


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