A Kitui MCA forced to walk naked to police station


Yesterday 6th Dec was a gloomy day for one honourable member of the Kitui County Assembly Mr. Daniel Kimanzi famously known as Ngoima.

The MCA was attacked by angry residents who accused him of grabbing public land. The furious residents rained heavy blows on him shortly before he escaped by a whisker. The residents tore his trouser and shirt, an act that has received mixed reactions in town.

The infuriated public whom majority were slaughter house operators said Ngoima had illegally invaded on a plot that forms part of the slaughter house and shamelessly began construction on the site.

The protesters demolished the foundation of the building that was coming up that allegedly belonged to the Kitui Township MCA and took to the streets chanting anti-Ngoima phrases.

According to Hon. Patrick Makasi former Mayor Kitui Municipal, the protesters were justified to demonstrate as the land on question truly belongs to the public.’The controversial plot belongs to the public according to government records.’ He said.

‘Leaders must stop intruding into spaces meant to benefit the public.’ The seemingly annoyed leader added.

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