Elect leaders who will address your problems – Ngilu


Hon charity Ngilu addressing residents of Kanyaa, Ngongoni, kasanga, Thitani Kitulani, ndondoma,Mathunzini among other residents in Mwingi west subcounty today during 53rd Jamhuri day celebration.She urged that as Kenyans celebrate Jamhuri,a lot has not been done since independent.

Kenyans are suffering from the on going health crisis,lack of basic amenities like clean water, food and education,Not unless some basics are addressed,Kenyans will not have something to celebrate during national celebrations.

The people of mwingi west subcounty confessed that this time round,they would not elect leaders in basics of Party affiliations but a leader who will serve them and address their longtime felt problems.Happy Jamhuri day The people of KITUI

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