*Malombe’s untouchable contractor*


In one example of the corrupt, irregular and flawed public procurement processes by the Kitui County Government, the Governor uses a shoddy contractor for a majority of its projects.

Mailu (not real name) has immensely and continuously benefited from construction contracts even after doing shoddy works on prior contracts. He clearly shows how the county does not conduct objective appraisals of prospective contractors prior to awarding contracts.

According to ‘little birds’ close to Governor Malombe, the contracts are a form of rewarding Mailu for his financial contributions towards Malombe’s campaign in 2013.
This man is rumoured to have given the Governor 5 million during his campaign in 2013.

As a result, he’s untouchable – getting as many contracts as he wants, and pleases.

The corruption and breach of the public procurement laws is a clear example of abuse of office by the Governor.

Mailu is said to own around 10 companies that receive diverse tenders directly from the Office of the Governor.

In all these contracts, performance is below par and further awarding of tenders has baffled the public. Unconfirmed reports indicate that he was chased away from Narok for doing shoddy job. In Kitui he has done at least 3 buildings using poor materials or ones lacking crucial elements in foundation.

He has knowingly supplied Governor Malombe with fake toners and he was hurriedly paid for the same.

The County Supply Chain Management Department officers ‘know’ this man.

When one county officer who sought anonymity questioned his construction methods, in his usual corrupt ways, he replied “mnatakaje niwashughulikie.?”

He was recently awarded the contract to construct the Kitui County Government Headquarters.

His numerious companies are a mere facade to hide his real identity and also help him fleece public coffers.

At the very least, Malombe has a moral obligation to stop this daylight thievery.

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