Was Malombe celebrating his last Jamhuri day as Kitui Governor?


The Jamhuri Day celebrations held at Ithoowe grounds clearly displayed the mistrust the people of kitui have on the incumbent governor.

Our little birds reliably inform us that there were evidently many empty seats despite the county spending a considerable amount of public money in logistics. At a time when he needs the public to be behind him as he seeks reelection next year, the incumbent was unable to convince kituians to attend the public event.

Governor Malombe addressing "thousands"  during Jamhuri Celebrations
Governor Malombe addressing “thousands” during Jamhuri Celebrations

The County Chief Officers, MCAs and other county employees present were spread across the crowd to fill the empty spaces and create an illusion that the Governor was addressing the common kituian.

Two MCAs interviewed by KO after the event could not even highlight one element in Governor’s speech. This sums up how idealess Malombe is at a time when Kitui is performing dismally in the education sector while Makueni and Machakos, with the same resources, are performing so well.

Even after hiring a crowd by misusing public funds which can be channelled towards bettering the education system, Malombe couldn’t get the numbers.

Our little birds inform us that all allied MCAs had a budget from Malombe to ferry people to Ithookwe for the function, but the people paid returned to their homes immediately after arriving.

The few members of the public interviewed by KO stated that the county government must address corruption and the dismal performance in national examinations by kitui students.

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